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Bure Baguna Mineral Water & Soft Drinks Factory is the first of newly established private beverage company in Ethiopia.

  • It is located at Bure, western Gojjam in the Amhara Regional state, close to the water belt of the Blue Nile main source.
  • It is about 410 km from Addis on the Addis Bahir Dar highway.
  • It has a very healthy climate, fertile land with rich agricultural and mineral potentials.
  • Bure is located at a strategic place linking the western, north western and northern parts of the country, constituting the economic heartland of the nations.
  • It is also at the main rout to the northern historical where the influx of tourist has given rise to burgeoning tourist industry.



 Bure Baguna Mineral Water & Soft Drinks Factory
P. O. Box 340
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Telephone: 75-72-20 or 13-39-28
Fax: 75-79-44


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